Strategy Planning Implementation

Basically, our services include but are not limited to;
The provision of professional and market-oriented business training and certification for individuals.
Delivery of omnibus business start-up packages to facilitate ease and immediate business start-up.
We believe in helping proposed business owners & managers establish strong skills and a wealth of knowledge that help kick off on their project on a strong note.

Up to half of the business start-ups fail within the first five years and so we help our clients succeed by equipping them with the information and skills required to overcome potential challenges.

Participants work on a series of training guides and activities which they are expected to follow throughout the project life cycle. This training guides each participant’s approach for all other phases of the project and acts as living documents that evolve as the project progresses. Our thorough but not overly complex training process has earned high praise from our customers who have indicated that our well thought out approach has saved a lot of delays and cost overruns.

The training phase includes the following activities:
Project Assessment
Project Validation
Build out a robust Execution Plan
A training completion certificate is issued to participants who have successfully demonstrated an understanding of the processes involved in business start-ups.

Post training, business packages are made available to participants who require help in designing, branding, planning or implementing their business. These packages are tailor-made solutions for individual project needs.

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