The first phase of the project that we will lead as per this proposal is the training phase during which project activities start to kick-off. We believe in helping proposed business managers establish strong skills and a wealth of knowledge that helps kick off on their project on a strong note. Up to half of business start-ups fail within the first five years and so we help our clients succeed by equipping them with the information and skills required to overcome potential challenges. During this phase, participants will work on a series of training guides and activities which they will follow throughout the project life cycle. This training will guide each participant’s approach for all other phases of the project and will be living documents that will evolve as the project progresses. Our thorough but not overly complex planning process has earned high praise from our customers who have indicated that our well thought out approach has saved a lot of delays and cost overruns. The training phase includes the following activities:

Project Assessment

A Performance of initial project assessment to understand project goals, constraints, assumptions, and scope; at the end of this, project owners will have the information and the advice needed to make an informed decision.

Project Validation

Confirmation of project feasibility: During this initial phase, we will test whether the project is viable. We will look at the opportunity, the risks, the costs and the potential growth that is available. We will do a market analysis, competition analysis, opportunity analysis and a lightweight risk analysis.

Build out a robust Execution Plan

Assistance in facilitating the execution of the project through with the aid of an implementation guide. If the project is feasible, project owners can get to work building out an initial launch plan.

Project Implementation Strategy

A training completion certification is issued to participants who have successfully demonstrated an understanding of the processes involved in business start-ups.

Post Training

After the training phase, successful participants have a choice of 4 business packages to choose from should they wish to take up these options. Our tailor-made and user-friendly business packages are designed to guide users from their business idea or project concept right through to the execution. Click here to enrol on the course.

Full Business Start-Up Training

6 months of access