Business Training 

This training has been designed to facilitate the learning of skills required to run a business smoothly at every stage from start up to serving as a refresher course for already established business owners.

We believe in helping business owners and managers establish strong skills and a wealth of knowledge that helps kick off their business or project on a strong note. Up to half of business start-ups fail within the first five years and so we help our clients succeed by equipping them with the information and skills required to overcome potential challenges.

Participants will work on a series of training guides and activities which they will follow throughout the business or project life cycle. This training will guide each participant’s approach for all other phases of the project and will be living documents that will evolve as the project progresses. Our thorough but not overly complex planning process has earned high praise from our clients who have indicated that our well thought out approach has saved a lot of delays and cost overruns.

Leadership Skills Training

The Leadership skills course is aimed at equipping participants with inspirational leadership styles and management approaches that get the desired results for all stakeholders. Modules include:

  • Delegation
  • Effective Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Vs. Management
  • Influencing Skills

Sales Skills Training

Employers look for individuals with skills and qualities specific to their particular sector and which can help develop their business and increase their competitive advantage. These skills and qualities are the focus of this course and set our clients apart as top performers in the fields.

Customer Service Training

Customers are the epicentre of a good business. The ability of a business to engage customers effectively impacts customer loyalty and goes a long way in obtaining a competitive advantage over competitors. This is why we have prioritised the handling of a simplistic training directed towards teaching our clients the dos and don’ts of customer approach. This course entails a series of strategies and techniques on how to better relate with customers, retain them and handle disputes to ensure smooth business operations and repeat purchase.

Communication Skills Training

Communication is essential in all transactional phases. Its importance cannot be underestimated. We appreciate the impact of effective communication; therefore, we see to it that a systematic approach is taken in the teaching of communication skills and the level of confidence it should be accompanied by.

Team Building

You need a team of resilient men and women dedicated to making things happen. Upon running our Team building course, you’ll be equipped with the skills needed to build a rock-solid, cohesive and high performing team.

Complaint Handling

There will be customer satisfaction, and there will be complaints. These need to be handled efficiently while maintaining credibility and professionalism. Our complaints handling course focuses on helping our clients deliver great value to their customers by educating them on the techniques of handling complaints tactically and overturning them into maximum satisfaction for all stakeholders.

Presentation Skills Training

First impressions are very important. It’s been suggested that there’s only a seven-second window upon a first meeting to make an impression.

We believe the way you present yourself and ideas before investors and other interested person matters, therefore, we place it upon ourselves to conduct a rigorous training centred on tutoring our clients on the methods and guides of making a good impression and presenting their ideas to others in an impactful manner.

An Introduction to the Basics

A basic introduction to the training to understand course goals and scope.

A Workbook - Study Guide

The workbook is designed to help participants work through the course, with ease. It is equipped with details and enables participants to personalise their learning.

Lesson 1 : Project Assessment

A Performance of initial project assessment to understand project goals, constraints, assumptions, and scope; at the end of it, participants will be able to unveil the potential in their proposed project and be in a position to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the project or not.

Lesson 2 : Project Execution Plan

Following on from project validation, this section of the training sets a framework for the execution and operation of the project or business. The market place is tough. In order to stay competitive, participants must anticipate market trends, become innovative and create new business models

Lesson 3 : Strategies for Successful Implementation

This section of the training covers some of the common challenges often faced by people at this stage of the project and come up with strategies and techniques which are designed to remove these known challenges.

Course Assessment

On completion of the lessons, participants will be required to take an assessment of their understanding of the training module. A pass mark of 85 percent is required from a mix of 40 questions. Successful participants are awarded a certificate of achievement.


Learning & Development

Course modules, workbooks and materials are designed by a team of learning and development specialists in collaboration with BBS Consulting Group.

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