Business Start Ups

We work exclusively with entrepreneurs to bring clarity to their ideas and help bring their dreams into reality. There are pitfalls we can help you to avoid and we can assist you during each stage of the start-up process.

We’ll help you to:

Find answers to your most pressing questions;
Offer guidance in research and evaluation of your business idea;
Develop an action plan and initial momentum to take small, doable action steps;
Develop strategies and tools to gain the required skills you need to succeed;
Clarify potential products, services, or projects;
Do you have an idea? Do you need help assessing its viability? Are you ready to start or expand your small business? If so, we are here to help.

As is widely known, a good business startup has certain requirements that are necessary from its conception so as to ensure that all goes according to plan and it trades profitably. Sadly, there’s a high probability that most startups, despite their creator’s innovative idea, do not have perfectly structured business plans nor the right training to steer the business on a successful course. Many are ill-equipped to handle business requirements and as a result, almost half of SMEs fail and the market is filled with an overwhelming number of failed startups

The Essential Guide to Starting A Successful Business

To eliminate such contingencies and ensure that owners and managers of startups always have a strong knowledge of business analytics, possess the required skills and have the resources needed to launch and successfully operate a business, We at BBS Consulting Group have provided the solutions & packages required to facilitate the sustainable success of business startups in the long-term. At BBS Consulting Group, we have qualified Project Managers and Business Consultants with decades of experience in technology, program & project management and business consultations for startups as well as established businesses. We provide these efficient services at affordable rates.

Basically, our services include but are not limited to;

  • The provision of professional and market-oriented business training and certification for individuals.
  • Delivery of omnibus business start-up packages to facilitate ease and immediate business start-up.
  • Information about business funding from a wide range of providers including government grants and loans, eligibility criteria, terms, and conditions.