When you’re involved in a complex or demanding task, it helps if you can get into the zone. This is where your productivity is high and your focus is clear, which is described as being inflow. As leading professionals in their fields know, achieving optimal peak performance takes more than sheer concentration and willpower. Elite athletes, for instance, spend years of their lives in competition to master the state of body and mind.

We all want to perform at our peak every single day. When we wake up, we want to get out there and achieve maximum productivity while setting the groundwork for another successful day tomorrow. However, life gets in the way and it becomes hard to achieve this kind of peak performance every single day. It can be defeated and often cause us to fall into a productive rut.

Peak performance is a state when you are at your best, delivering results, feeling in the flow. While there are challenges, you’re able to overcome them and you feel that life and work are well balanced.


The easiest way to stay motivated is to choose work that you enjoy, and activities that you’re both good at and love to do. Work that doesn’t tire you, gives you the energy to stay motivated throughout the journey. When you have intrinsic motivation, you’re more likely to be super motivated, operating in a flow state and achieving peak performance. Motivating yourself is one of the main things that sets high achievers apart, and it’s hard.


At other times, getting peak performance is less about the big why and more about the actions you take and the thoughts you make daily. In terms of thought habits, I know from personal experience how much of a drag-on performance negative thoughts can have. You might have heard from someone that it takes around 21 days to create a habit, but in reality, that’s not all there is to it. To build a good habit, you need an excellent plan, motivation, and routine, otherwise; it is nearly impossible in the real world. when you repeat a habit for a long time, then it automatically becomes a habit and you don’t need to put a lot of effort to develop good habits in your life.


Alongside having the motivation and the right habits, if you can get more done with the same or fewer resources – think time, money, energy, headcount. you‘ll be way ahead of the time.


Being productive means you can create that extra time for next-level thinking and actions, or to recharge. Just remember you’re not just trying to be productive, you’re trying to be productive while there’s a global pandemic. the goal of productivity is to get the things you have to get done finished so you can spend more time on the things you want to do. Don’t fall into the busy trap, where you judge your self-worth by how productive you are or how much you’ve contributed to your company or manager. We’re all just trying to keep our heads above water. I hope these tips will help you do the same.