If you have ever wondered how article marketing fits into the marketing mix, then this article was designed for you. In today’s world, marketing is immensely focused on customer satisfaction. Therefore, please and keep customers has become a priority for marketing specialists. Marketing involves the implementation of the marketing combination of product creation, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods and services to meet the needs of consumers and the organisation. They are considered a mixture since they are incorporated into a marketing program to achieve the desired results. This article will help you see how the marketing of items used as part of the marketing mix attracts potential customers to your product.

The four Ps

Sellers use the marketing mix for

  • Product design
  • Competitive price of the product.
  • Placing the product where the consumer can obtain it when and where he wants it.
  • Promote the product so that people know and are motivated to buy it.

The marketing process

This implies the following:

  1. Analyse market opportunities (investigate consumer needs).
  2. Select your target market.
  3. Develop the marketing mix (design a product, establish a competitive price based on the costs of production, distribution and promotion, identify a place where customers can obtain the product and create an appropriate promotional campaign).
  4. Manage the market effort (through control and analysis).

Make the process work for you:

  • Their research and research reveals that young professional women would like a particular line of hair products.
  • Next, it will determine its cost of production, distribution and promotion, and the price of the competitors. After this, you will establish a rate for your line of hair products.
  • Realizes that the best places for distribution and sale are your luxury retail stores so that you can create a distribution relationship with them.
  • Next, you must create a strategy for people to know and use their line of hair products. As a marketing expert, you ask yourself, ‘What is the most affordable way to reach a broad audience?’ The answer suddenly becomes clear: the marketing of articles over the Internet.

Congratulations. You have successfully implemented the marketing combination and is now on a growth path.

Marketing and promotion article

The marketing of the article involves implementing the fourth P (promotion) of the marketing mix. This includes writing and publishing brief and informative articles about businesses, products and services in multiple-item directories. These directories experience a significant number of visits (traffic), and some search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) consider them authority sites. This results in an exhibition for the business since the article is accessible to a broad audience. Above all, the section receives a significant amount of free traffic. This form of advertising is profitable and pervasive, especially for small businesses.

As you can see, understanding the marketing mix and making it work is vital for any company. Completing your market research and following the marketing process will help you on your way. The Internet offers an opportunity for companies to reach a broad audience at a minimal cost. Since the promotion of your product is fundamental, online article marketing provides a viable alternative, especially for new and small businesses.