Who We Are

BBS Consulting Group is a specialist consultancy company consistently creating sustainable business value for our vast network of international and local clients for over 5 years. This longevity in the industry has sharpened our skills and expertise in delivering result-oriented, profit-based solutions that are unrivalled by our peers.

We believe that our strength lies in the quality of our personnel; our experienced, synergistic management teams and talented, creative individuals strive to deliver added value in everything we do for you. We have cultivated a group of smart and enthusiastic people who adopt a collaborative approach to building customised solutions that work for our clients’ organisation.

What We Do

We develop distinct and adaptive strategies that can be employed across a wide range of business sectors to realise real solutions.

We understand the harsh economic times firms exist in, and that their survival is dependent on having a complete advantage over competitors; that’s where we come in – to offer customised services on innovation, strategy, problem-solving and business transformation to our clients.

We are also well equipped in finding and getting funding for small and medium-sized enterprises. We spotlight such businesses that may otherwise have a hard time being notices, and we connect them to the right investors

We invite you to explore this site to get more information about the business consulting services that the BBS Consulting Group offers to help you succeed.

Our Clients

BBS CONSULTING GROUP has worked with prestigious companies and business owners. We have been in this field of expertise for over 5 years and from new product launches to project management and business expansion, we have always made business operations smoother and easier for all our clients.



We are a trusted corporate consulting partner, for both private and public sector organisations, across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries. Our mission is to deliver tailor-made and practicable solutions that are sustainable and holistic for our clients.



To be a premier management consulting company, collaborating with visionary and entrepreneurial clients, in achieving outsized and strategic business impacts.

Individual Online Learning

Our consultants don’t just coach or train but get right into the nuts and bolts of the client’s business, helping them to achieve their aspirations for growth and profitability. We offer a host of solutions designed to identify and develop effective strategic plans for every kind of business.

Business funding

Businesses no longer have to worry about TIME or BUDGET with our services.

We understand the importance of saving time and money and have devised an innovative way for businesses to train and develop their staff with our online service offering delegates an opportunity to learn a topic in approximately 60/120 minutes! What distinguishes us from other companies is our experience in leading projects of all scales for companies of all sizes and at all levels of project management maturity.

Business Training for Start-Ups

Using a professional consulting service can save you a good deal in overhead costs and prevent typical startup mistakes and losses.

We believe in helping proposed business managers establish strong skills with a proven business model that help them hit the ground running and making money.

Established Businesses

Providing business consulting services and support, we offer a one-stop-shopping place to allow business owners to save time and money. We specialize in providing our clients with high-level business strategy and other Growth solutions to multiply their revenue and other key performances.As experienced professionals with several years’ experience in providing profitable business strategies, we address business concerns and offer integrated solutions to ensure successful outcomes that help our clients breakout from the crowd.

Business Training

Our Business training & certification includes the following activities:

Project Assessment
Project Validation
Execution Plans
Professional Training

Professional development

courses equip delegates with employability and career progression skills desired by employers globally and which facilitates career growth. Our training options are flexible and can be provided to clients in-house, at training workshops or online as cost-effective solutions to suit every budget.

Business packages for your business or project launch

We provide high-quality packages to SMEs, supporting their varying needs and facilitating their growth.

After our acclaimed business training, successful participants have a choice of four business packages to choose from which are designed to facilitate a smooth business start up.

Our tailor-made and user-friendly business packages are designed to guide users from their business idea or project concept right through to the execution.

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